Using ATTO iSCSI with Drobo

Article Id: AA-01921 Last updated date: 11-30-2017

NOTE: Drobo ISCSI products are compatible with MacOS Sierra.  If you have updated to Mac Sierra and your Drobo ISCSI connection no longer works you will need to go to ATTO site and download updated image for MacOS Sierra: 

ATTO for Drobo

Install for all iSCSI products (B800i, B810i, and B1200i)

In order to use the Drobo iSCSI products (B800i, B810i, and B1200i) with Mac OS a separate iSCSI initiator is required. Drobo supports the ATTO iSCSI initiator to connect to all the Drobo iSCSI products (B800i, B810i, and B1200i). The following instructions will guide you through the required software install. 


- OS X (Support versions are 10.9.5, 1010.x and 10.11.x)

- Drobo Dashboard version 2.8.0 or newer (

- Xtend San ISCSI initiator ATTO 4.0 or newer (Purchased separately) 

Once you create an account on ATTO and login, you will be able to download the ATTO install image

- Java for OS X 2015-001 


Install Drobo Dashboard from the links below based on the iSCSI product being used. for current products, or

* Select the Drobo iSCSI device that will be used in Dashboard. Under Volumes section, notice when you mouse over the check box to the default volume (Drobo), the volume shows as unavailable. This is because ATTO is not installed. 


* Install Java for OS X from the following location. 


Note: This is required for ATTO to work properly 


* Using the downloaded package for ATTO double click on the XtendSAN_401b1 icon. 


* Enter the Admin credentials for the Mac Host. 


* Select Next 


* Accept the license agreement and click on  Next 


* Fill out the Product Registration information.

  * Customer name: Enter your name here

  * Company name: Begin the name with Drobo followed by company name 

  * Serial Number: ATTO serial number

  * Authorization code: Authorization code 

* Once done click on Next.


* On the next page choose the 'Complete' option then click Next. 


* You will be presented with a pre-installation summary. Review the information and then click on Install. 


* It will take a few minutes to install ATTO. 

* Once ATTO is installed you will be presented with an install complete message. 

* Select Done and reboot the Mac system 

* After reboot verify the iSCSI initiator is working as expected.

* Launch Drobo Dashboard. Go to the Volumes section 

* Select the default volume. It will take a few moments to format and connect to the volume. Once connected you will see the selection box checked. 

* Drobo volume should be mounted and available for use.