Is my Drobo in or out of Warranty ?

Article Id: AA-01858 Last updated date: 11-16-2017

Drobo comes with 2yr Standard Warranty. 

Drobo Warranty will fall under one of the following categories: 

First 90 days:

  •  Phone support for the first 90-days following purchase
  • This entitles you to free customer support for the first 90 days


  • You have purchased DroboCare
  • The DroboCare support program extends your peace of mind beyond the standard warranty term, this entitles you to 24/7 support and advance replacements on RMA's. For more information visit DroboCare

Standard Warranty:

  • Drobo comes with 2 year Standard Warranty. Standard warranty entitles you to email support, Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm pacific standard time
  • During the 2 year Standard Warranty period, you are eligible to purchase DroboCare in order to receive phone support. 
  • DroboCare can be purchased by logging into Support Portal and selecting Buy DroboCare or purchased from DroboStore

Out of Warranty:

  • Drobo is beyond the Standard Warranty period and the Drobo is not covered under DroboCare.
  • For a list of products that are no longer manufactured and are out of warranty see, End of Sale
  • If Drobo is Out of Warranty and you are in need of technical support, the following resource is available: DroboHelp
  • This is email support 

To check your warranty, your Drobo must be registered, once Registered login to your support portal account