How to manually mount Network Shares with Mac or Windows

Article Id: AA-01304 Last updated date: 10-04-2017

Shares Will Not Mount

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Dashboard Recognizes Drobo 

To manual mount to your Drobo device using your Mac or Windows computer, please use the below steps to perform the desired action.

Mac Users:
When connecting to a share on a Drobo device with Mac you can either connect to the share via AFP or SMB.

1.    In Finder click the Go option.


2. Click the Connect to Server option.
3. Enter in the following for AFP or SMB:

For AFP use afp://Drobo IP Address 
For SMB use smb://Drobo IP Address 
NOTE: The IP Address can be found in Drobo Dashboard Drobo Settings Network Settings 


4. Click Connect
5. Then select the either Registered User or the Guest option. This is the Name and Password of the Drobo.

Windows Users:
1. Open Windows File Explorer




2. Right click on Network to and select Map Network. Enter Drobo Name or Drobo IP Address then Share Name. Choose the drive letter you want. Click Finish and you are done.



Manually Mapping by Drobo Name and Share Name:

If you are still unable to mount your share, check the following:

  • 3rd party firewalls may interfere with Drobo Dashboard services. You may need to add the Drobo IP address to the 3rd party firewall application. 
  • If you are still unable to connect to your shares;
     What is the Status of the Lights on Drobo, color - solid or blinking  
     Did anything change in your network configuration 
    Contact Support

If using Windows 10 and the Drobo FS, SMBv1 is not installed by default on Windows 10. 
The Drobo FS is fixed at SMBv1, there is no way to change this on the Drobo. However, you can enable SMBv1 on Windows 10, there are some resources online that show you how to do this. 
We do have newer products that support SMBv2:

For additional information, see:​

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