Shutting down the Drobo

Article Id: AA-00907 Last updated date: 10-06-2017

In order to properly and safely shutdown the Drobo, follow these steps.
Note: An improper shutdown could cause file corruption and/or data loss.

Before shutting down the Drobo, ensure these conditions are met:
  1. Be sure that the activity light on your Drobo is off indicating no active data transfer. (see What do the Drobo lights mean)
Note: A blinking green lights means data transfer is in progress.
  1. Ensure the drive bay lights are not blinking yellow and green indicating that the Drobo is in data protection, in which case you must wait.
Shutdown using Drobo Dashboard
This is the recommended method for safely shutting down the Drobo.
  • In Drobo Dashboard, select the Drobo that you would like to shutdown from the All Drobos page, click Tools > Shutdown  

Note: It can take several minutes for the Drobo to shutdown.
Manually Shutting down the Drobo
If you are unable to use Drobo Dashboard to shutdown the Drobo, follow these steps:
  1. Unmount or eject the Drobo volume(s). On a Mac, drag the Drobo volume(s) to the Trash. In Windows, choose Safely Remove Hardware from your system tray (which is located in the task bar), and then select the appropriate Drobo.
  2. Press the power toggle button on the back of the Drobo once.
Note: It can take several minutes for the Drobo to shutdown.